Thursday, January 17, 2013

Monitoring Your Social Media

If you take your social media seriously, then you'll need tools to monitor your - and others - output. Let's have a look at a few such tools. It's worth noting I particularly wanted a tool that can also monitor my Pinterest account.

The ‘All-in-one dashboard’. Shows key data, in a very pleasing layout. Social accounts are added as widgets, and the free plan allows for 6 widgets. What's great is that it can pull data form many social channels, including Pinterest. The Pro plan will cost you $19 monthly.

'Analyse, Publish, Engage'. A focus on Facebook and Twitter, the Bronze Plan allows for one Twitter and one Facebook account to be monitored for $7/month. The Silver Plan is $31/month, allowing up to 10 social accounts.


Another FB/Twitter monitoring tool, and particualrly good at showing user engagement.  It lists (and email alerts) mentions of your chosen keyword, but Pro version also offers analytics. The Free version allows a quota of 500 mentions/month. Pro allows for a massive 50k mentions per month $19.99/month.


Purely Twitter. Offer Best Times to Tweet, biggest Influencers, and a raft of other data.

Free plan allows for 1 Twitter account. Premium $6.95/month 2 accounts. Other plans available.


Allows you to monitor several types of social media: FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, FourSquare among others (but no Pinterest). Wide range of functions: show Streams, detailed analytics, schedule tweets etc. Free plan allows for 5 social profiles. Pro plan ($9.99/month) has unlimited profiles.

Raven Tools

The 500-pound gorilla of social media monitoring.

Free 30-day trial. Pro $99/month. FB, Twitter, YouTube only.

For pure Pinterest monitoring, try Lets you search for a keyword, and shows pins, boards, people. Also pulls data from an appropriate GA account. Free.

Other, untried tools include, which offers a 21 day free trial, and 30 day free trial, then just $399/month!