Tuesday, February 23, 2010

'it really me'

I recently received what was obviously a 'Nigerian scam' type email; sadly it was a version of the scam which comes from a legitimate but hacked email address ('I was robbed in London, please wire me lots of funds to get home'), and because I've seen it before, I called the person to alert them that the scam was using their email address. So imagine my surprise when the person started an IM chat session with me...

xyz: hi
xyz: i send you an email did you get it
delphis_ltd: yes!
xyz: it really me
xyz: will you help me and send the money now
xyz: or you dont have up to that amount
delphis_ltd: of course
delphis_ltd: please, can you send it again right now?

xyz: what the email or the name and address to send the money to
delphis_ltd: the email
xyz: let me tell you hear
xyz: am in United Kingdom now
xyz: but i need some amount to pay for my hotel bill and ticket fees back home
delphis_ltd: i know. i need the email again
xyz: when i get to uk i get rob there so i loss my credit card and all my money
delphis_ltd: to confirm your IP address
delphis_ltd: so i can send the police to you
delphis_ltd: but dont worry
delphis_ltd: i got your IP from the first e-mail. and the others you've sent
delphis_ltd: so i can trace you nicely

xyz: for what
delphis_ltd: fraud
delphis_ltd: how's Denmark?
(note: the IP of the email traced back to Denmark)
xyz: wat did you mean by fraud
delphis_ltd: ;)
delphis_ltd: i spoke to mr xyz on the phone yesterday
delphis_ltd: but keep talking, please
delphis_ltd: because i'm tracing you
delphis_ltd: hello?

I must confess the 'it really me' nearly had me convinced. Just another good reason to change your email account password on a regular basis, and make sure the password recovery options are as strong as your password.