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Scheduling automatic startup (and shutdown) in Ubuntu

I liked the idea of having my Ubuntu machine startup in time for my arrival at the office. Here's how it's done:

1) Enable your RTC in the BIOS, setting your desired wake-up time
2) Use the rtcwake command to tell the machine when to wake up. Two variants of this:

sudo rtcwake -s 54000 -m disk

will wake the PC in 15 hours, after immediately doing a hibernate, or

sudo rtcwake -s 54000 -m no

will do a wake in 15 hours but nothing more. I like this latter way since I can then also schedule a shutdown using a package such as qshutdown

I did toy with nvram-wakeup, which is useful for setting the RTC while you're running Ubuntu.

More here

And if you get the Grub menu after resuming, the fix is here.

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5.45 am...

And I hear a faint rendition of 'Head and shoulders, knees and toes'. When Liam says 'Dada, let's get up. Pleeease.', how can I refuse?

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