Thursday, November 27, 2008

We're waiting, LIAT

No, not for luggage, but for them to reduce their fuel surcharge. Their Oct 15th announcement at announces a $2.50 reduction, since fuel prices 'have stabilised at around US$100 a barrel'... Funny how slow people can be to change their price to the consumer in a downward direction (and I'm thinking of DOMLEC too).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weather update

At 3:03PM on November 18 it's Sunny, 28.4°C, 40% humidity, and we've had 0mm of rain in the last 24h

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

$400 million lemon: LIME

'We asked you what you wanted...' said the press release from LIME, aka Cable & Wireless; I'm not sure how many people said 'spend $400 million rebranding'. Nevertheless, that's what we got, and the new company was launched here with a bizarre stage-show at Creole in the Park which many will remember simply for being badly lit. Oh, and for the free maracas given out (note to self, write a post soon about modern Cargo Cults).

Thing is, several years ago they rebranded to Telecommunications of Dominica (ToD), then had to un-rebranded after admitting none knew ToD and that C&W was a globally recognised brand. Well at least lots of people know what a lime is.

Already there are alternate meanings for LIME - Lousy Internet, Mediocre Everythingelse is one. But maybe LIMP is better:: Landline, Internet, Mobile, Profits

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Cultural Gala

Cultural Gala
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Held in the Botanical Gardens again. More photos

Flying the flag

"Newham Council commemorated the national day of Dominica on Monday (November 3) by flying the countrys national flag.

Mayor Sir Robin Wales and Deputy Mayor Councillor Christine Bowden joined Agnes Adonis, the Dominica Acting High Commissioner, fellow councillors and residents on the steps of the Town Hall in East Ham to mark the 30th anniversary of the nations independence.

It is the fifth year that Newham Council has raised the flag of Dominica alongside the Union Flag and the borough flag. It was the first local authority to do so.

Sir Robin said: We are proud that in Newham we have so many communities that live, work and play together. Our Dominican residents are proud of their nation and their flag and we are proud of them and their contribution to life in the borough.

During the celebration Dominica flags were waved by children from St Antonys School in Forest Gate and the national anthem was played. There were refreshments served in the Town Hall."

Full article

The George W Bush Presidential Library

As his time comes (too slowly) to an end, we are pleased to reveal the new George W Bush Presidential Library building. He said "it's great, it'll hold all my comics"...
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