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Enabling hibernation in Windows 7

I love hibernating. Conjuring up images of bears, caves and snow, it just makes the experience of turning on your PC or laptop, well, instant.

But I couldn't work out why I couldn't set it up on a particular PC. I tired enabling the related setting in the BIOS. No luck. But then I stumbled on this article, and all was well. Seems there's an obscure setting inside Windows Power Settings called Hybrid Sleep. turn if off and you can hibernate to your hearts delight!

Dominica: where customer service comes first

Today, I needed some pain killers. For a change I tried a chemist I don't usually frequent because it has all the air of a Soviet-era supermarket - long rows of half-empty shelves of pretty much the same thing. But strangely enough, it does specialise in cooking oil - massive quantities of it - and standing fans.  Let's call it The Old (Bonnie Prince) Charlie Pharmacy.

As usual, there seems to be more assistants than customers. One comes up to me, and I begin to say that I'm looking for pain-killers, only to realise I'm right next to a shelf of them. A long row, with 4 shelves, all edged with 3 brands of paracetamol. "I'm actually looking for Aspirin," I say, and she directs me over to where prescriptions are fulfilled. The desk however is empty.

"Hello?" I ask, and shortly a woman comes out. "I'd like some Aspirin", I say, and she asks what strength? What do you have? Well what do you want, she replies? Hmm, how about 200mg?

"81ms" she says. I am taken aback. "That's rather a strange quantity". "Low dosage" she explains.

"How do you usually take it" she then asked. My mind spins - 'Standing up'? 'With a glass of water'? I decide to come at it from a different angle: "I have a stinking headache and just want some pain-killers. Can I buy $5 worth of your Aspirin?" She disappears for a couple of minutes.

And then, it was like a light going on in a kitchen at night - three woman suddenly appear from nowhere to deal with the order. Labels are printed and the order is  placed on a shelf by the original woman, then another woman picks up the order from the shelf and processes the payment. I pay, and get my order.

But as I walk out, slightly dazed, I realise the bag I was given contains something other than my prized painkillers. A roll-on. I spin around and show the woman, fearing I've got someone else's prescription. She smiles and shows me that in addition to the roll-on, there is indeed a packet of 81ms Aspirin. "The roll-on's for you. A token," she says. A wave of relief washes over me.

And the roll-on? Blushing Pink scented. I had to laugh.

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